Press, Media and Audience Response

“In the Maze of Our Own Lives is an inspiring love letter to the act of making theater…Fischer’s vibrant staging compellingly blends heightened theatricality and simple human behavior.”-from Sam Hurwitt’s review.

Audience Members Responses:

I saw “In the Maze of Our Lives ” last week, and felt that I was actually a participant in a true and blood-passionate rendering of what that enormously generative, prismatic group must have been like… Corey Fischer has given us something real and rich; something to see and taste, to smack our lips and savor – Go and feel this wonderful piece of living theater! enthusiastically recommended!!


The cast found that honest connection with each other that the Group Theatre must have had. I was captivated by their performance in a way that I have never been before. – D. L., Marin


“I saw this play a few days ago and it is still resonating with me. I thought it was a thought-provoking, deeply felt work, not just about an important period in  American theater, but also about the relationship of the artist to his time – how it shapes him or her, and how he or she can shape it, as well. The production was imaginatively staged, well acted, with some brilliant bits of dialogue and a nice mix of naturalistic and avant-garde theatrical technique. I recommend it, not just to anyone with an interest in American cultural history, but also to fans of well crafted, serious theater.”  D .K.. San Francisco


From Left: Galen Murphy-Hoffman as Luther Adler, Michael Navarra as Harold Clurman, Sarah Overman as Stella Adler, Cassidy Brown as Morris Carnovsky, Melissa Quine as Phoebe Brand,  Joshua Roberts as Clifford Odets and David Mendelsohn as Lee Strasberg in In the Maze of Our Own Lives. Photo: Ken Friedman


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