Videos from TJT’s “Farewell” Event

Happy to say I’ve finally edited and uploaded eight video clips from Traveling Jewish Theatre’s once-in-a-lifetime farewell event, Thirty-Four Years in One Night.  I was powerfully moved all over again by the eloquence and generosity of these very special friends.

click here to go to the page that has the a link to each video.

Please spread the word that these videos are now accessible.
Eventually all this and more may find a home on a dedicated site for TJT’s legacy, but at the moment, I’m glad to provide a place to start making this incredibly moving material available. Please let me know your responses. Enjoy.

new chapter, new blog

thursday's sky

In the Maze of Our Own Lives, which I’ve written about in previous blogs, closed last Sunday.  My days seem to move much faster down time’s greased slide,  now that they’re no longer packed with the myriad tasks of putting on a show.   I’ve finally moved my blog over here and given it a new name, Story Passage.   I’ve uploaded a review of a remarkable work of dance-theatre I saw a few weeks ago, Night Falls, by Julie Hebert, co-directed by her and Deborah Slater. Find out why I feel it was the most satisfying theatre work I’ve seen in years. Either click here, or scroll down to the bottom of the “page.”

I’ve created some “pages” on Story Passage. One is about In the Maze of Our Own Lives and the closing of TJT. You can get there from any part of the blog by clicking the link at the top left part of the header that looks like this:

TJT, The Group Theatre and In the Maze of Our Own Lives

There’s also a page of links to press and media about the production and also a gallery of photographs by Ken Friedman and myself. If you saw the play, I invite you to post comments about your experience.