1976: a song

“1976” an excerpt from “Who Was I?” a music-theatre piece by Corey Fischer from Corey Fischer on Vimeo.


In 1976 I left off working as an actor in TV and film in LA to join an activist theater company called The Provisional Theatre that had grown out of the anti-war movement of the early seventies. My time with them was life-changing and eventually led to co-founding Traveling Jewish Theatre in 1978. You can find more music of mine on https://soundcloud.com/corey-fischer

8 thoughts on “1976: a song

  1. Ah wonderful Corey, what a fabulous life you bravely chose to live ~ following the social justice pathways. I really love the honesty of the music you make/stories you tell. So nice to “meet you” a bit more intimately…..and love the earring too !

    Your SC friend Chris O 🙂

  2. A life well spent my friend, a life well spent. I feel privileged to have influenced by your mind and deeds these past 38 years.

    • Not necessarily the opening, but somewhere. I’m in the process of “learning” a set list of about 15 autobiographical (to varying degrees) songs and spoken-word/music pieces I’ve written in the past year or two in order to:
      a) prepare for a modest “house concert” maybe in June, and, in the process.
      b) see what sort of intuitions emerge about how to connect these pieces in a larger narrative arc and whether and/or how to move the work toward greater theatricality.

      I may, at some point think about crow funding this.
      Thanks for watching, Betty

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