Van Jones, Obama Adviser, Resigns Amid Controversy

I’m very sad that the Obama administration did not stand up for Van Jones. His appointment was one of many hopeful signs I was so grateful for in the exciting times around the inauguration. Maybe I’m naive, but I don’t understand why the President and all of us who support him are allowing the demagogues like Beck and his ilk to call the shots by seizing the narrative. Now is the time for all progressives to unite and reject the racist, cynical, hate-filled manipulations coming from a handful of distorted egos like Beck, Limbaugh and the rest. There’s no way, in spite of Van’s elegant resignation comments, that the the Becks of the world won’t see this as their righteous little victory and continue looking for inconsequential but inflammatory factoids they can use to pick off another good person.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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