I’m finishing up a couple of weeks recovering from a sudden (aren’t they all?) appendectomy, and about to start rehearsals for Death of a Salesman.
Aside from writing a couple of grants for TJT, I’ve been watching DVDs (A 1972 TV version of Awake and Sing with Walter Matthau, quite good; a 1966 TV version of Salesman with the monumental Lee J. Cobb reprising his original Broadway performance and George Segal as Biff, Gene Wilder (!) as Bernard. Remarkable piece of work. And, the brilliant and moving last episode of Six Feet Under) and writing letters like the following, at the request of MoveOn.
I urge you all to do the same.

“As a staunch progressive, I’ve always supported you, Lynn Woolsey, Barbara Boxer, and Dianne Feinstein. Now it’s time for you to act unequivocally and lead a movement to definitively put an end to our tragic bungling in Iraq. It’s way past the time for “Non-binding resolutions” Congress has a responsibility to take a strong, meaningful stand against escalation and for a withdrawal of U.S. troops (our best way of truly supporting them) from what has become a chaotic civil war. Beyond the immediate issue of ending our counter-productive involvement in Iraq, I urge you to initiate measures aimed at restoring the dignity and moral standing of our country, especially in the eyes of the people of the middle east, and at eradicating the conditions — chiefly the sense of hopelessness — that give rise to terrorism and anti-U.S. sentiment.”

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