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Bonaire Collection



California Collection








Hawaii Collection

A Virtual Dive on Bari Reef, Bonaire: text and images




I started diving in 1999 when I was 54.  I  was already an avid snorkler.
[click here to read my essay, Forgiving Waters, published in the sadly defunct Ocean Realm magazine.]

Between 1999 and the end of 2004 I logged over 300 dives in the three areas from which I made the images in the collections.

I haven't dived nearly as much in the last three years. Getting to places like Hawaii or the Caribbean is expensive -- both personally, and ecologically. I love to dive in the kelp forests, only a two hour drive for me, but, somehow, after about 100 dives in water that ranges from 48 to 55 degrees F. 
it takes more and more energy to get myself to do it.

I've had to temper my greed for more and more experiences of weightless splendor and  trust that I'll be given opportunities to dive whenever it's meant to be. (Last September, a friend invited me on a four-day trip to Hawaii with two days notice. It was pure grace.)